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This week I decided to revamp our youth group website. It has been in my heart to update it by thinking of creative ways to stay connected and engaged with you all, especially during this pandemic. Creating this blog is just one of the many ideas!

After much thinking and meditating, I decided to call this section “MANNA”. I hope that as you guys read through these devotionals and resources, you can really grow in your personal knowledge of who God is and ultimately lead to growing in intimacy with Him. I thought it would be appropriate to start off with the question, “Why title this ‘manna’?”

Manna in the Old Testament was important for the Israelites in the wilderness. This was one of the many ways that God had graciously provided for them in their time of hunger and grumbling. In our times of spiritual hunger-ness and in our times of struggles, I pray that we would seek the Lord. My hope is that through these posts, you will be encouraged and empowered in your own personal journey with the Lord. Ultimately, I pray that this will lead you to a deeper and more intimate relationship with God.

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